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Car Boot Pickups – 11/06/2017

The sun was shining down on the car boot sale but there weren’t many stalls. Could I still score a bargain?

I came across a stall with the father of three young children and on it, there were 2 Playstation 3 games that I was intrested in: F1 2012 and Ridge Racer 7. Each had a sticker on saying ‘£2 Each or 2 for £3’. I thought that this was a good deal so, as per usual, I checked the discs and F1 2012 was complete but, Ridge Racer had the manual for the game but the disc was for Need For Speed Undercover, which I already own, much to my dismay. He couldn’t be more apologetic but I was still intrested in F1 2012 so I asked if he could do me a deal for pointing out the issue. He said ‘A Quid’ and it was mine!
So close yet so far: Ridge Racer 7


This is what caused me to frown: the disc for Need For Speed Undercover









My second, but sadly final, pickup of the day was a Renault Formula 1 shirt from around 2002 – ’04. I was talking to the gentlemen who told me that he actually used to work for the team based in Enstone! Despite the fact that he didn’t have any other Formula 1 related items, he told me that this is was issued to him by the team! For the price of £2, I was proud to be part of the teams’ history. NOTE: This is not the actual shirt that I brought. Mine is the same colour and it only has the Renault, ELF and Michellin branding (in the same places) and it doesn’t have the yellow square in the middle.





Hi, I'm Daniel and I am life a frugal, yet fun, life. I hope that I can entertain you with my blog that will be full of my Car Boot & Charity shop hauls, my thoughts on Formula 1 topics and my lifestyle.

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