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CAR BOOT HAUL – 22/05/2017

The sun was shining down on me this week but was it also shining down onto the potential bargains?

It appears that I’m having extraordinary luck finding sealed Top Gear DVD’s of late as I picked up ‘The Great African Special’ on DVD, sealed, for 50 pence! Unlike the box-set I brought before, this was one I didn’t have. I’m debating on whether or not I should open it…
Don’t go hating on me: This is my third copy of the fantastic Need For Speed Game: Pro Street. I originally owned the Wii version, which I still have, as well as the PS2 version, which I’m yet to play, and this was only a pound and I knew the graphics were better on the PS3/360 version of the game so I couldn’t moan!
Sunday ended well with me buying not one but three motorsport related caps. One being this Shell Audi hat from the 2008 Le Mans race. The other 2 were officially licensed Formula 1 ones in blue and pink. At 50 pence each, I was not going to leave these behind but when I can haggle the seller down to a single pound coin, I’ll take them and run! Tip: Use up your old pound coins whilst you can!


Hi, I'm Daniel and I am life a frugal, yet fun, life. I hope that I can entertain you with my blog that will be full of my Car Boot & Charity shop hauls, my thoughts on Formula 1 topics and my lifestyle.

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